So this is, where a lot of good things are written down in order to convince you to hire me.

Clients I worked for

McDonalds / Gardena / BIPA / Darbo / Telering / T-Mobile / bob / Asfinag / Wiener / Ytong / MERKUR MARKT interne Kommunikation / MERKUR MARKT Catering / MED-EL Österreich

Agencies I worked for


What I can do

Logos / Branding / Illustrations / Packaging / and so and so. I am perfect for minimalistic, lovely, hand-crafted projects, but not for aggressiv and puffery ones.

I am also good at preparing and designing presentations.

What I teach

I teach the basics of design in advertising and webdesign.

I would love to do

– a children’s book
– a book cover
– a wedding invitation

People I love to work with