My Name is Tiny.

Here are some really enticing words in order to convince you of hiring me.

Are you looking for a graphic designer for high quality branding and packaging? Or an illustrator for cute and lovely things, like a children book? Maybe you need someone who design your Christmas cards or wrapping papers? Great, I would be delighted to do that for you. If you need any information about my schedule or rates, please don‘t hesitate to contact me or look here.

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What I am good at

Concepts & Patterns

Creating a beautiful design based on a great concept is a main goal of mine. Colors, shapes and contrast are helping me to visualizing them, therefore it’s obvious I am also into patterns.

2 Hasen teilen sich einen Lebkuchenmännchen, umgeben von Sternen

Christmas & Festive

I love the holiday season and making marvelous presents and wrapping them is part of my personality. Have a look at my Blog.

Cute & Lovely

My strength lies in creating sweet images that make customers sigh, for instance Children Illustration and Animal Patterns.

Quality is what matters most

It’s very important for me to define the scope of the project in the first place so that everybody knows exactly what to expect from each other. An unclear structure is nutritious soil for stress, discontent and therefore an unhappy ending. To avoid such situations, please read my Terms of Condition (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen) and my FAQs, so that nothing gets in the way of a good working relationship.

FAQs & Terms and Conditions

My Education


Graphic Design

Graphic Design, Advertisement, Developing Concepts, Image Editing, Branding, Logo Design, Presentation Skills, Craft, Developing Target Audiences

NDU, Werbe Akademie

Bachelor of Arts

Communication Consulting

Commerce, Economy, Marketing, Media Consulting, Communication, Advertisement, Market Research, Scientific Work

FH St. Pölten



Entrepreneurship and Management, Business Languages, Controlling and Accounting, E-Business, Marketing, Business Plan and Financing


Meet Byron.

Byron is my Dog, a Golden Retriever. He is always with me. Maybe also, when I am freelancing at yours. He will love you. I promise.

“Wuff Wuff Wuff Rrrrrrrrrr Raw Raw Waff!”

ByronGood Boy