I am Tiny, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, based in Vienna. This here is my portfolio, focusing on my strengths:  Cute & Lovely, High Quality and Christmas & Festive.

Altough I am very happy about every customer / agency I worked for, not everyone is listed here. Therefore is the site References.

Putting Love and Effort in my Work doesn’t only belong to my Projects I get paid for. If you want to check out, what I do in my leisure time, check out my Private Passion Projects.

Anne Breitner Dschungel

AnneBreitner GmbH

Illustration Ink Procreate Frau Woman Liedschatten Beige Mantel Grafisch Punkte

Digital Ink

Autumn Calmness

Huhn Illustration Mütze Weihnachten Schnee Nest

Tonis Freilandhühner XMAS

Stuotengarten Gin Etikett

Maison à Soi

Maîtresse Branding Pastry Shop Macarons Bag

Maîtresse Corporate Design

Mystical Water Creatures

Illustration Procreate Digital Outline Comic Depression Drunk Violett Rosa Pink

Emotional Comic

Shira Bild Giraffe Schere Mädchen ausgeschnitten

Shira Family Club

Illustration Vektor Chicken Huhn Ostern Easter Hasenohren Bunny Ears

Tonis Freilandeier

Möbelik Logo Comforta Font Space

Logo Design

Illustration Hamsterrad Hamster Trinkflasche Good Vibes Only Lichterkette Polster Kissen Pflanzen

Good Vibes Only

Captain Grumpy Griffon

Farblos Design Studio - Diplom Project. Folder.

Farblos Design Studio

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