Title Mystical Water Creatures
Year 2019
Contest Young Drummers Competition 2019
Client Slovenia Tourism

Most Fun part was
illustrating tales from around the world.

Beyond the creatures we know.

Because Slovenia is the land of clean and healthy waters, I figured that mythical water-creatures from around the world would be perfect testimonials to illustrate the richness of Slovenias tourism. Where would the little Mermaid go, if she’s fed up with the cold waters of the northern seas? What activities would the god of the sea, Poseidon, enjoy when on vacation? Would water-dragon Ao Guang visit the Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana? Their stories all explore different areas and activities around Slovenia, while focusing on the one aspect that they all have in common: Clean and healthy waters.


Why would the little Mermaid enjoy a vacation in Slovenia?

The little Mermaid – while certainly not averse to the cold of the northern seas – yearns for a break, a time-out from the icy breezes and chilling waters. In the thermal baths of Slovenia, she finally found what she was looking for. She loves to relax in the bubbly coziness of a hot tub, while she slowly dozes off, dreaming about the shores of her homelands.

Why would Ao Guang enjoy a vacation in Slovenia?

It‘s a long journey from China to Europe, but not for a water-dragon like Guang. He doesn‘t rely on trains and airplanes, instead, he becomes one with the rivers, so he can travel swiftly and without hassle. When he finally arrives in Ljubljana, the first thing he likes to do is visiting – of course – the Dragon Bridge, where he can rest and enjoy the fresh water and beautiful architecture.

Why would Nessie enjoy a vacation in Slovenia?

One may think of the excellent water quality in Slovenias lakes, like Lake Bled, being the only reason. Some may add the healthy air, the green landscapes and the serenity to the list. But, I like to think that – first and foremost – Nessie would enjoy the privacy.

Why would Poseidon enjoy a vacation in Slovenia?

The beaches and shores of Slovenia have always been blessed by the ruler of the seven seas. That‘s why, after centuries of calming waves and protecting seafarers, he turns his trident into a fishing rod and visits the salty coasts of Piran to unwind. Sometimes, when the fish don‘t bite, he lifts his little finger and smirks as the waves flush in a fresh swarm of sea bass.

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