Piran – Spend your Holidays on a high Note!

In 2018 the Student Briefing of the Young Drummers Competition asked the participants to focus on cultural events that the city Piran has to offer. Of course, the city’s most famous musician – the violin player Guiseppe Tartini – had to be a central element of my concept.

Title Piran
Year 2018
Competition Young Drummers
Event  Golden Drum

Most Fun part was
to design the city map with all its different patterns.

Poster Plakat Piran Holiday Werbung Advertisement Noten Musikstück
Prian Stadtplan Grafik Rot Blau Marmor Stein Noten Orientierung

Vacations are a lot like music. You can enjoy them alone or with others, they can be loud and short or calm and extended. That’s the heart of the concept. I want to encourage people to write their own „holiday-symphony“ in Piran. The activities are the notes of the symphony, the high notes are the cultural highlights only Piran can offer.

Icons Kirche Statue Musiker Haus Outlines
Linien Circles Icons Kreise Fahrrad Eis Boot
Red Rot Wrapping Paper Icon House Piran
Image Bild Tshirt Piran Urlaub Kamera Hat Hut
Merchandising Business Cards Presents Turnsack Shoes