Title Retro Ice Cream Menue
Year 2018
Client DMB.
Agency DMB.

Most Fun part was
sniffling glue.

Ice Ice Baby

To showcase recent work and individual graphic skills, the advertising agency DMB asks its employees to design posts for its channel „dmb_vie“ on Instagram. When it was my turn, I wanted to use that opportunity to pull my head out of the CreativeCloud and get into some hands-on craft techniques. Being fascinated with paper-craft and feeling inspired by the hot summer temperatures, I became nostalgic and decided on recreating a retro ice-cream menu from my childhood entirely out of colored paper. Shout-out to Polly Lindsay – her project „Ice Lollies“ on Behance really helped me understanding the techniques needed to pull this off.

Frau Bikini Palmen Meer aus Papier, Making Of Logo Papier
Ice Cream Menu Paper Craft Logo DMB
Ice Cream Menu Paper Cornetto und Wiener Zucker
Ice Cream Menu Paper Craft Combino
Ice Cream Menu Paper Vöslauer
Ice Cream Menu Paper Craft Tschisi und BumBum
Ice Cream Menu Paper Magnum
Ice Cream Menu Paper Sandwich
Ice Cream Menu Paper Wassereis
Retro Paper Craft Ice Cream Menu Instagram Mockup
Retro Paper Craft Ice Cream Menu Poster