Year 2019
Client Tonis Freilandeier
Agency Merlicek & Partner
Animation Sabine Ott

Most Fun part was
Drawing chickens. I love chickens. Mostly because of what they sound like.

Der Toni Bauer macht put put und den Hühnern gehts gut gut …

This has been my second project for Merlicek and Partner. Although the style was very simple and reduced – which is a contrast to my usual style – I had a lot of fun playing in the natural, loving world of cute little chickens. Put Put.


Illustration Chicken Huhn Outline Sun Outside Nature Natur Home
Illustration Outlines Hühner Stall Sonne Stroh Nest
Illustration Vektor Bushes Outline Red Flowers
Illustration Chicken Huhn Outline Brown White
Illustration Outline Vektor Huhn Bauer Chicken Farmer
Illustration Vektor Outline Bees Bienen Gelb Simple
Illustration Vektor Chicken Huhn Stars Night Nacht Sterne betrachten
Illustration Vektor Chicken Huhn Ostern Easter Hasenohren Bunny Ears

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